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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 28, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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visionworks. see the difference. >> martha: that is "the story" of this tuesday april the 28th, 2020. we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson" tonight. last time on the show we play do nearly an hour long video from two physicians in california. likely many of you had already seen it, the video has had more than 5 million views on youtube. in their presentation the two doctors presented a flurry of data pointing to what we are currently learning but this virus and how it spreads. they cited pages of government statistics and then interpreted them in light of their own long clinical experience as doctors. at one point they noted that the newly adjusted death rate in
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california which is much lower than anyone expected it to be on the asked if government officials there should change their policies based on this new science. >> we sing 1,227 deaths in the state of california with a possible incidence or prevalence of 4.7 million. that means we have a 0.03 chance of dying from covid-19 in this state of california. 0.03 chance of dying from covid in the state of california. does not necessitate sheltering in place? does that necessitate shutting down medical systems? does not necessitate people being out of work? >> tucker: is a whatever your view of the mask quarantine, the questions you just heard are valid questions and in fact, critical questions. we should all be asking are
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those questions. that dissent of any kind is no longer tolerated in this count country. the sole science is under attack. dr. erickson described physicians as related to the coronavirus. >> e.r. doctors now come my friends that i talked to say, it's interesting. when i'm writing up my death report i'm being pressured to add covid. why is that? why are we being pressured to add covid to maybe increase the numbers and make it look a little bit worse than it is? i think so. >> tucker: is a what you just her to come up what dr. erickson described is called lying. and it lying has no place in science ever. it's scary to think it takes place in a large scale in hospitals. viewers of ericsson's video were shocked and transfixed by this.
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he forwarded the videos to friends and who forwarded on to their friends and suddenly millions of people spent the last six weeks on a diet of tiger king and internet memes were watching sober minded medical researchers reading from charts of statistics. it's hard to recall a science video taking off like this one data. not everyone was impressed by it, some criticized the doctors policy conclusions and of course, that's fair. decent people have different opinions. we are not entirely sure with the perfect response to this pandemic is, there is no objective answer at the moment. at best we can plot along with open minds in good faith. more informed debate is exactly what we need to make wise decisions going forward. unfortunately for all of us informed debate is exactly what the authorities don't want to. they unquestioned obedience so they are cracking down on free expression. last night, the doctors video you saw last night was pulled off of youtube. it wasn't an accident, youtube
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admitted doing it. they cited a the violation of community guidelines and didn't apologize. this is what youtube gestated as a turning point in the way we live in this country, a sharp break with 250 years of law and custom. the two doctors' a video is produced by a local television channel and it was in fact a mainstream news story. the video was not pornographic and didn't violate copyright or a incite violence, the only justification for taking it down was to the two physicians on screen had reached different conclusions for the people currently in charge. it was a form of dissent from orthodoxy. youtube and its parent company google have now officially banned it dissent. the ceo of youtube admitted that openly. >> then we talked about removing information was problematic.
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if it was unsubstantial, like take turmeric, that will cure you, those are things that are violations of our policy. and so remove it as another really important part of our policy. >> you are not just putting the truth next to a lie, you are putting the lie down. that's a pretty aggressive reproach. >> tucker: we are removing "anything that would go against world health organization recommendations, it would now be taken off the internet. as a matter of science, it's ludicrous. like everyone else involved in global pandemic policy, the w.h.o. has been wrong. in january, w.h.o. told us that coronavirus could not spread from person-to-person. in march they told us that face masks didn't work. those are lies and they were
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welcome on google's platforms. doctors who were treating patience with the virus may well have just been banned. so no. this is not about science. censorship never is about science, it's about power. bic technology technology companies are using this tragedy to increase their power over the population. just today, facebook removed any events page for a political protest in michigan. governor gretchen whitmer who runs the state was no doubt pleased to see it, grossly mismanaging an entire estate is a lot easier when citizens are not allowed to complain about it. and now they are not. last week facebook founder mark zuckerberg explained the protests like these are no longer protected political speech, they are "misinformati "misinformation" >> when you organize these despite social distancing guidelines, if somebody tried to organize something like that, that's
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harmful misinformation. >> would you classify that as harmful misinformation and take that down. >> tucker: harmful misinformation, that is a phrase or anyone who has watched the regimes in any country. that's not how mark zuckerberg expresses political opinion he doesn't like. that's the only reason we have. suddenly our media are not concerned about freedom of speech. supporters applaud our overloa overlords. our media are no longer challenging power, they are colluding with power and that may be so why there is so little critical coverage of the massive expansion of our surveillance currently in process. tech companies are now following you through your cell phone and they are watching you from above with drones. they sound like paranoid
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fantasies but they are not. needless to say our politicians approve of this. >> how do you feel about the drones? >> at this point we need to save lives and it's really important that in public spaces people are abiding by the directives. >> tucker: yeah, we've got to do it. so what do we have here, big companies partnering with the government to spy on you without your knowledge. americans locked in their homes, banned from going to church and placated with such lives like weed and beer. anyone who steps up his silence. organizers are arrested and only opinions approved by leaders, many of them unelected, are allowed on information platfor platforms. does that sound familiar? it sounds a lot like china. the hardest to swallow as this one. as we fight this virus we are far more like the country that's bonded.
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we are becoming more like china. it's horrifying at it tells us everything that our class enthusiastically brings us. this was calling for an end to freedom of speech in america. their model for an ideal system, the totalitarian government of china. "in the debate over freedom versus control of the internet, china was largely correct and the u.s. was wrong. you ought to read the whole thing, truly you should. it's a future. we could quote from it from the rest of the show but we will give you just one more. "significant monitoring of speech control are inevitable components of a mature and flourishing internet. governments must play a large role in these practices to ensure that the internet is compatible with the society's norms and values.
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and they seek to protest, and freedom of contest never endangers the public. it only threatens powerful. it hinders their ability to dictate election results and to loop the economy. at no wonder our leaders have done such a poor job protecting us from china. they are on the same team. dave rubin is the author of the fantastic new book, don't bring this book. it came out today. thanks for coming on tonight. >> thinks tucker, good to be with you. >> tucker: good to have you. do you notice that the norms and standards to quote the atlantic, of american life, seems to have changed overnight? and that is completely unchanged. >> they we are entering an
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authoritarian future. as i said before, authoritarians love authoritarians and we are all confused and all balked at home. the only way we can communicate with each other is through their pipes, and they are actually finally saying to us, this is who we are. the bigger issue here is that i the youtube twitter facebook component of it. we are now saying to them or they are saying to us, we will tell you what's true. if you dare with what we say is true then we are going to boo you. are they taking away all the russian collusion videos that
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were up over the past couple of years? i'm pretty sure msnbc has a youtube channel. that was pushing live. we need to debate these things. these doctors that showed the video of wood by channel be deleted. is that not what science and open inquiry is really about when you test theories and you find out what actually is true? as you pointed out, and this is the most important part, it's not as if the w.h.o. was infallible. and they say by law you have to wear a mask. it's a stranglehold on truth that the rest of us have to bow to. that's the only way we can
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communicate. >> tucker: is so no one in science has a monopoly on the truth. that's a rejection that there is a monopoly on truth, it's an endless search for what we can prove. this has nothing to do with it. you introduce it as a hypothetical, and i'm not sure it is hypothetical. my question is very simple. they are sincere questions. >> at some level i don't want to think of it, and i finish this book back in july. and i talk about fake news and all of the things that we are constantly talking about.
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everyone should be worried. my tech company, and i think we need digital homes. and these things are free, they just took your soul in exchange for it. and we need to think of rethinking everything. and there's a new world coming onto the horizon. that's the way they want to commute and want to live in the big city. do you want to be so reliant on the institutions and systems that we've always been reliant upon? and you know what, this is still america for a little while and i believe in old-fashioned hard work, competition and ingenuity and i think that's what we'll fix this. we will get a big battle to fight in front of us.
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>> tucker: and may be -- of these companies exist because congress gave them a carve out in federal legislation. and where is senator mike lee on this question? great to see you tonight, thank you very much. >> this is one of the injured ones -- thanks tucker. >> tucker: thanks, good to see you. the harvey weinstein confident is a well-known cat champion of women. today however she is ignoring tara reid and endorsing joe biden. why is she doing that? that's next. but first, even though some states are opening up las vegas remains in lockdown. some footage from our friends there at fox five las vegas. ♪
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>> tucker: some things just go well together. salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, french toast and room service. hillary clinton and ignoring serious sex abuse allegations. in the 1990s hillary clinton defended her husband in the face of them. in the 2,000 she was a close confidant of harvey weinstein. her husband meanwhile flew around on jeffrey epstein's plane. in 2018 hillary clinton pivoted completely and brett kavanaugh as you remember was accused and hillary clinton said his accuser
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had to be believed. >> look. i watched as much of her testimony as i could do. i found her very credible. i found her willingness to say i don't remember this but i remember that to be very convincing. >> tucker: well, you know things change. and hillary clinton has rediscovered the value of skepticism and a due process. why? two words, tara reid. that's a former biden staffer who alleges that biden sexually assaulted her. no, not sexually harassed but assaulted physically. hillary clinton didn't just accuse up that but she gushed about biden's character. >> we need a leader and
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president like joe biden. i also know about joe the person. i've seen him up close and personal now for many years. we have a lot of the same values in common, it's a kind of compassion and caring that we need from our president and which joe biden has been exemplifying throughout his entire life. >> tucker: if you were probably too transfixed by hillary clinton to notice the guy next to her, joe biden i think he fell asleep a couple of times in the middle of that. he's probably staying up late right now figuring out how shaken snatch the nomination from him. jeanine pirro joins us tonight. this is almost too easy but i have to get review of this. and now she thinks we should pause before judging?
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>> you know, hillary clinton endorsing joe biden when he's being accused of, as you say, not sexual harassment but sexual assault, it's like the kiss of death. the woman is literally a standard-bearer, of sexual predators. i was an immediate outcry of her laughing about the who a 12-year-old into a coma or her emails that were found on anthony weiner's laptop or jeffrey epstein was hanging out with weinstein when everyone in hollywood knew what was going on? this woman is a woman who does not stand for women. for her right now to endorse joe biden is really to ignore what all of the "me, to"
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movement should be. let's talk about brett kavanaugh and tara reid. tara reid accusing joe biden, and i come to this tucker as a prosecutor and a judge. i started a sex crime unit in the d.a.'s office and i know this business very well. tara reid made a name immediate outcry outcry. what that means is that it's admissible evidence and the jury is allowed to find the victim more credible if she made an outcry. tara reid to meet and outcry to mother, her brother, and her neighbor who supports joe biden when he says tara reid doesn't lie. tara reid also made an a recent outcry to the people in the senate. this happened to her when she was working for joe biden and when she made the complaint to three people about joe biden
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pushing her up against the wall in the senate with no one else around, pulling up her skirt and putting his -- i will get graphic but, sexually abusing her, they moved her away from where she had been working in the senate office to a room with no windows and all three interns and all three can attest to the fact that she was abruptly taken away as their supervisor. finally, we have documentary evidence that she worked with joe biden. we have senate records, and even though the mother passed, complained to larry king. we have that evidence in 1993 when this happened. now when it came to cavanaug ka, christine blasey ford did not know the date, time, place or year. what i mean by that is people that she said were with her when
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brett kavanaugh assaulted her said, no we weren't. this is pure unadulterated politics, supporting people who you want to be empowered to. it has nothing to do with women and protecting women in the system. >> tucker: while it has nothing to do with women, i am not much of a feminist but i would never hang around with them. good to see you tonight. >> okay. >> tucker: leaders across the country are releasing even more criminals, some of them dangerous, using coronavirus as an excuse for that. congressman matt gaetz has a bill to block that from happening.
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>> tucker: widespread testing of the population, we are told again and again, is critical. even now, there are widespread problems getting people tested efficiently for antibodies at national lab select quest diagnostics. our own executive producer saw this firsthand today. i got tested and spoke to the only nurse on duty in one of those labs. however brian kilmeade had a completely different experience when he went to get tested. what's the truth, what's happening up there and why? professor and dr. marc siegel joins us tonight to help sort through. >> tucker, what a story.
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we are so excited that doctors and patients with qwest diagnostic decided to do an antibody test. it's what we've been talking about for covid-19 all across the country, very good lab testing. we found one we started to do this test such variability, here in manhattan, many of the tech qwest diagnostics are shuttered and employees are on furlough. the one we found open, he waited outside for an hour and a half online. when he got in they had him scratch his name on a tiny piece of paper and he was told he missed his appointment, he had to be on stand standby like it was waiting for a plane. meanwhile a poor woman was taken away by a paramedic in the navy alliance. finally he gets his blood drawn by the one person there and he's waiting for his results. while this is happening, the key here is that the staff is on furlough and they are not ready for this in manhattan nor the
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onslaught of patience and huge lines. meanwhile out on long island our own fox anchor brian kilmeade has an appointment made. he goes to a qwest diagnostic lab. he is seen within 3 minutes. ask him to don the gloves and he wears a mask, the nurse drawing his blood is wearing a mask and gloves. she asked him, and have you had symptoms of covid-19 in a week? he said no. so he sighed, can sign something. his results will be back within a day or two. such variation. it was -- >> i bet he is and may i ask the obvious question? why would labs, presumably they wouldn't do it if they did not have to come before the wing employees during a pandemic? that seems to be the most misleading thing i've ever heard. >> i anticipated that question and the answer is because no one
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wants to go, or going outside and encountering similar disease in the lab so they are not getting the regular tests that i needed them to do. they order tests all day long and patient say on going there in a month. not getting the rotary comic regular cholesterol and blood test. i'm so up for the covid-19 test makes sense in theory but the labs, many of them are closed and the employees are not there. tragically. >> tucker: things they need to do to stay alive, they are not getting. that's a quote of the night in the purvis perversity of it is on spiting. good to see you tonight. going into this pandemic nobody knew what the numbers would be like. we didn't know how easy it would be transmit to me and now with more testing it has become much clearer who is actually
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threatened by the verisign who is not. people under 50 for example appear to b be at very little rk and that includes a vast majority of america's prisoners. across four american states, 3,277 inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus. 96 of them have not shown any symptoms at all. despite that, some politicians are exploiting this disaster to continue their long-standing demands that crimina criminals e even asked, because you are harassed by authorities for leaving your home. on msnbc over the weekend, nancy pelosi explains that prisoners what mike must go fr free. why? it's because of the bible. >> that i don't caucus so we are very devoted to the gospel of matthew. when i was hungry you fed me and i was homeless you showed me the way. when i was in prison you visited
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me. >> tucker: meanwhile the only person in america apparently who is going to prison is roger stone. he scheduled to go this week for the crime of having the wrong political fuse. that's true. meanwhile in congress senator cory booker has introduced a bill that would add all detention for coronavirus cases as long as it exists. he wants you to fight a virus spread by international travel by instituting de facto open borders. but it's not just about immigration or immigration offenders, deadly criminals are going free as well. in new york a man accused of rape was let go as a preventative measure. ten days later he was arrested for attempting to rate another woman. in pennsylvania too prisoners were released in the state super max prison. crime rates have gone up and in
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washington, d.c., that gone way up. they are accused of someone who will be deporting amazing you even have to -- why are you doing this? >> the problem with nancy pelosi statement as we aren't visiting the prisoners. just imagine the post coronavirus world that the left is trying to create. they want covid catch and release. they want to move cell block c into our neighborhoods and then they want americans end of the place we used to work for shutdown and another swab. instead of releasing illegal aliens into our community we should deport them to
5:38 pm
immediately. and that's what mexico does. mexico is seeing success curbing illegal immigration because they are immediately deporting people as a consequence of coronavirus. i think we should love our country is at least as much as mexico loves theirs. >> of course. this is total really related to your love of country. what do you think the agenda here is exactly. >> this is part virtue signaling but this is the left using the coronavirus to try to have all the social engineering that they seek. they really do want a world where there are no borders, where american taxpayers have to provide for every one of the world whether they follow our laws or not. so at the republican parts in the american businesses and people, you have the left thing that they have to hold back to gain leverage for their agenda.
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we should just be horrified that they would use coronavirus for leverage, we should be frightened by the actual agenda where they are trying to in the subdivision next year. >> tucker: i don't think when anyone is living in the subdivision next to nancy pelo nancy pelosi. thanks a lot for that. it would be great. well, not all members of congress are as reasonable. one of them just attacked the show and accused us of ignoring science and implying we should be the next one that are censored. i will respond to that after a quick break. ♪
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this virus is testing all of us. and it's testing the people on the front lines of this fight most of all. so abbott is getting new tests into their hands, delivering the critical results they need. and until this fight is over, we...will...never...quit. because they never quit.
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♪ >> tucker: as a mass quarantines continue in state after state, regular life is getting harder to sustain. to now tonight there are fears that the mayor could face a critical shortage of protein. >> it looks like meat selections will dwindle in our stores and it we will pay more for at least beef products. industry leaders now acknowledge that supply has rarely been so stressed. farmers may be forced to depopulate millions of animals. tyson foods recently closed its largest pork point and in an open letter he writes, as beef, pork and chicken plans are being forced to close even for short periods of time, millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain. as a result there will be a limited supply of our products in grocery stores until we are
5:45 pm
able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed. our producer economists is it's down at least 20% compared to this time last year. at least some of the highest in retail systemic history but he actually remained a bit lower than this time last year. the president plans to sign an executive order deeming meat facilities critical and ordering them to stay open. >> tucker: may be more critical than marijuana dispensaries. just bits abou spit bowling. we told you what researchers are finding in state after state. as more americans get tested for this disease we have learned that of higher population has been infected than we thought. this rent you to understand how
5:46 pm
deadly the coronavirus is. for example health officials estimated that a little over one of the half percent of residents in new york state have been it infected by the virus. in fact, close to 15% have been infected. by definition, these new facts changed the death rate. in new york that rate went from 7.4% which is devastating to .5% which is not. every elected official in america a but many are not. some deeply resent hearing anything about this. after last night's show, lose scolded us with this outrage tweet. the current case fatality is over 5.6 in the u.s. simply unacceptable that fox news keeps ignoring science. ignoring science. there are so many layers of
5:47 pm
ironing. he has a startlingly low vaccination rate? ted lieu's are so distrusting that measles and whooping cough have come back and forth among children in this district. the atlantic wrote man die and didn't take any, he's in a yuppie little clown. he hasn't spent 5 minutes learning anything about the current research of the pandemic. with no trace of self-awareness, ted lieu used comically comically inaccurate numbers to attack us for "ignoring science." the current case fatality rate will be 5.6, but it is absurd as a statistical matter. if ted lieu actually believes
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the death rate in this country from coronavirus is 5.6%, he's even slower than he seems and that's saying a lot. more likely he knows but he is just lying. do you think people will won't be watching? so here's some actual science. just today it turns out that a new study emerge from denmark, a place that most people regard as rigorous in its record-keeping. researchers there tested every adult in the country under 70 who gave blood over an 11 day. this month. they learned what researchers everywhere have learned, an awful lot of people have been exposed to the spire is in relatively few of them have died from it. in denmark the infection mortality rate wishes okay.
5:49 pm
that's 82 people out of every 100,000 of the entire country's entire population. that almost certainly moved the death rate downward but the danish numbers are still researchers and scholars estimate a death rate of a about .04%. in the netherlands .8%. in mont massachusetts .2%. in no place where widespread testing has taken place have researchers found a death rate of over 1%, but for some reason, ted lieu is still yelping on twitter about 5.4% of all infected americans dying from the virus. it's pretty clear why he's doing this. it the question is, where is ted lieu getting these bad
5:50 pm
numbers? we don't know for sure because those are scientific stories written as scientifically illiterate at he is. just yesterday the hill newspaper wrote a piece entitled case fatality rates rise as the coronavirus runs deadly course. in the fifth paragraph the paper suggests that the death rate in connecticut is now 7.6%. that's a higher death rate of a disease that has killed hundreds of millions of people around the world. if kept reading the whole of the story in the hill you would discover that the real death rate from coronavirus might actually be lower than that, maybe. but it's not likely that ted lieu saw the headline. so the symbiosis between compliant leaders and a press corps continues. your response to journalists promotes bad science and that's
5:51 pm
why i -- why are we sitting by as politicians destroy their lives and families and ultimately the country? because i don't have a choice. they are truly afraid and they will put up with anything they do. he death doesn't understand much but he definitely understands that. ♪ well, new zealand, that tiny island nation has a very progressive government. he might be surprised by the policy you have just embraced to keep the coronavirus outbreak under control. we will tell you what it is, after the break. ♪ to let me know i'm doing something good for the community, not just papa john's.
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>> australia and new zealand don't have very large populations but both have handled coronavirus in ways that maybe we can learn from. australia has about 5 million more people than the state of new york but while new york state has more than 20,000 deaths from coronavirus, australia doesn't even have 100 total. new zealand meanwhile has fewer than 20 deaths. probably a lot of reasons for this, but here's one possible reason. in mid-march, both o of those countries shut their orders to forewarn arrivals. new zealand did so despite having a very left wing government. australia's daily telegraph, happy to have her on tonight. thank you so much for coming on
5:57 pm
them. so tell us what they did and why they did it, if you would. >> were always told the world health organization kept telling us that the virus doesn't affect the borders but australia and new zealand are proof that it does and of course it does. that's just ideology, not science. it is the ultimate in social distancing, it's what countries do to social distance themselves from other countries, and as we said in mid-march, they both closed down their borders and as a result, they've escaped relatively unscathed from the pandemic and the other thing they did was they followed donald trump's lead in early february a couple of days after he stopped the fight from china. they did the same thing, and that was absolutely crucial particularly for australia. that a few days before
5:58 pm
thousands, tens of thousands of chinese students were due to fly back into the country after their summer break to go to school and this prevented that happening, so you cannot understate the importance of that decision and those governments would probably have had a lot of difficulty if they couldn't have use the excuse of donald trump and america during that because they were being aggressively lobbied by both the tourism industry, the airlines and especially university. >> i'm glad you pointed that out, the higher education lobby has far more power than most people understand especially in cases like this, so what was that domestic response to these shutdowns inside australia and new zealand? >> people were clamoring for it and there is pressure on the government for people saying just close it down now because knowing that particularly when that's about to start and
5:59 pm
knowing that something like 40% of those foreign students are from china and australia could see what was going on in the rest of the world and it was two years -- two weeks behind what was going on. so they had the luxury of seeing how important it was to actually stop those foreign visitors from arriving and spreading the virus. so it was a very popular decision for the people but it was not popular at all for the world health organization, china was very angry for closing the borders, there was a lot of pushback from transnational organizations, but the lesson and that i think for the rest of the world from australia and new zealand is that aching advice from the world health organization is a fatal mistake. >> most interesting segment of the night, thank you. that's just amazing, and it just confirms a lot. good to see you, thank you.
6:00 pm
by the way, pulling suggest that be a very popular move in this country too. we are out of time tonight. have a great evening with the ones you love. sean hannity standing by in new york for the 9:00 p.m. >> sean: that was a great report. i don't know if you know this, they had about 16,000 people contract the disease less than 300 people died and it's amazing, we might not have been able to civil liberty wise constitutionally do what they did but we can learn from all these countries as we need to reopen. great lessons from everybody. great show tonight. welcome to hannity. big news on multiple fronts, a deep state reckoning is now in full swing. lieutenant general michael flynn may soon get the exoneration he rightly deserves. new exculpatory evidence has emerged, the saddest part of
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